Blogtacular & West Elm Photowalk: Southbank


You’ll have to forgive my slight foray out of stationery this week, but I went to my first ever blogging conference, Blogtacular, this weekend so wanted to report back on a few things I did, thought, saw, discovered. More on the actual conference later this week (when hopefully I’ve had a chance to digest it a bit more), but in the meantime I wanted to share some photos. I was lucky to get a place on the Blogtacular and West Elm Photowalk, which took place before the conference. This meant getting up at 6am (I am NOT a morning person) and heading off to a secret location to take pictures before most of London had woken up. The location turned out to be Southbank. For those of you that don’t know it, it’s the south side of the Thames and is a bit of a cultural hub; with the National Theatre, the British Film Institute and the Southbank Centre. It’s full of grey, brutalist structures (lots of people think they’re ugly, but I have a bit of a soft spot for them) but there’s always loads going on and bright colours everywhere.

Unfortunately it was a super grey morning, so it wasn’t as picturesque as it could have been. Also, although my composition and photography skills have massively improved since I started this blog, I’m only really used to taking close up shots of stationery – not landscapes and people! So forgive any wonkiness or other such faux pas. Anyway, here are my snaps. I’m not going to explain them all, a picture is worth a thousand words and all that…

Southbank4Southbank5Southbank11 Southbank12 Southbank9 Southbank7Southbank3
Southbank8 Southbank6 SouthbankSouthbank13


Oh my word! I was in the same photo walk group as you. I failed to actually talk to you ( I’m crap like that) but I very much admired your outfit. I think that was one of the most annoying things on the day for me, it was a great event but so busy that I couldn’t chat to everyone or didn’t realise that I was in the same sessions as some of my favourite bloggers until I saw pictures on Instagram afterwards.

Hope you had fun!

Posted 7 years ago by Charlotte Reply

    Ahh no way! It’s so funny – it was hard enough to put names to blog, let alone faces to names! I sat next to one person for about 45 minutes before realising I’d chatted to her lots on twitter before. Hope you had fun too – it was brilliant, but exhausting! x

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