Betty Etiquette Calligraphy Workshop

I was lucky enough to be invited to go to a Betty Etiquette calligraphy workshop this weekend. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been wanting to improve my handwriting so this was perfect timing!


Off I went to Battersea on Sunday morning to be greeted with tea and pastries galore, a beautifully laid table (is there anything better than having your name written out in gorgeous calligraphy?) and a lovely bunch of ladies all ready to get creative.

After a brief introduction into traditional Copperplate calligraphy by Rebecca, we were given a dip pen, nib and ink and got down to practicing.


Simple lines to start with, getting used to holding the pen and using varying pressures to create different thickness of lines, and then moving on to creating curves and shapes.


I really can’t recommend these workshops highly enough. Rebecca is a friendly, patient and knowledgable teacher – the 3 hours really flew by, but I still felt like I’d achieved a lot. You even get a little party bag with everything you need to keep practicing at home. I’m looking forward to getting the kit out this weekend to have another go! I also want to experiment with different nib types, and different coloured inks – I keep seeing white ink on kraft paper and it looks gorgeous…


If you’re interested in going on a Betty Etiquette Calligraphy Workshop, you can find details of all upcoming classes here. There are a couple of Valentine’s focussed sessions coming up. Also, do check out their lovely range of stationery and cards.


ooooh, that sounds awesome. I have been wanting to take a Calligraphy class! I sdon’t have access to live ones though, so I’ll have to make so with the online version from Brit+Co. 🙂
White ink on craft paper does look gorgeous! Please share some shots of your calligraphy “experiments” when you get around to it!

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    I actually totally failed to practice this – thank you for the boost, I’m going to get back on it! x

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