All of the Concrete Desk Accessories!

Is it just me or is concrete having a serious moment? It’s not a super new thing but I feel like I’ve definitely seen a lot of concrete desk accessories popping up in the last month or so. I thought I’d show you a few sets I’ve seen on design blogs, and then a few (more affordable!) versions I found on Etsy to make your desktop a bit cooler.


via Dezeen. Taiwanese designer Yen-Wen Tseng created these beautiful desktop items that come in grey or blue concrete. They look quite architectural to me.


via Dezeen. A similar set that’s oh so different. That smooth surface is asking to be touched. Designed and made in London, by Magnus Pettersen, originally from Norway. I knew there’s be some Scandi in there somewhere.

via Core 77. Slabs are made in Portland, Oregon and are 4 concrete desk accessories based around the same cuboid shape; a pen holder, tape dispenser, small pot for pens/paperclips and iPhone charger holder. Satisfyingly simplistic.

And here are some similar bits you can get hold of on Etsy:


These pen pots by HelloConcrete are so pretty. I love the geometric design and different colour combinations you can get. Each costs £23.15 (prices are all in £ but click the picture to find out how much it is where you are).

These push pins by PASiNGA are amazing! Each pin, which looks like a keyboard key, is made my hand. They are £9.99 for a set of 6.

Not strictly speaking stationery, but I think every desk should have a plant and these succulent/cactus holders by Fraucklarer do just the job. Another pretty geometric design that can be softened with the addition of a pretty plant. £19.43 per planter.

All pictures link back to their origin. Some links are affiliate.

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