A Proper Pencil Sharpener

Yet ANOTHER birthday present I’m afraid (I might even have one more to post about…), this time from my boyfriend, Harry. He got me a Boston 200 desktop sharpener from the 70s.

It’s not the prettiest of items, but there’s something I really like about it. It’s totally just made to be fit for purpose, no frills. And has a 70s colour scheme.

(It could actually use a good clean)

The little tray for sharpenings is quite loose, but I think this is only an issue if you’re moving it around. I desperately want to actually attach it to my desk as at the moment, you have to hold it really hard in order to sharpen a pencil… This would be much easier if a table top was take that pressure.

And it makes a decent point. As I say though, I need to try it properly when it’s attached to my desk.

It was made in England by Joseph Gillott & Sons LTD, apparently. So that’s cool.

I love it – thanks Harry!


Lucky thing! I totally feel nostalgic for our elementary school pencil sharpeners bolted to a shelf/desk.

Posted 8 years ago by eSeN Reply

HI I read about your Boston 200 pencil sharpener, I to have one. My had tried to shapen an eyebrow pencil with a knife, in did not work, I got out my Boston 200, and within a minute it was done, I have had it since 1972.

Posted 8 years ago by Alan Marchant Reply

    Cool! That’s great that it’s still going after all those years!

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